Helen Puddefoot

Co-Founder, Business Coach and Strategy Consultant

Helen is an ex-McKinsey freelance strategy consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach. She is also a creative spirit, often weaving creative processed into her work with clients to unlock new ideas and perspectives.


Helen knows that to run a great business you need to understand and care for yourself. She specialises in creative approaches to problem solving and coaching and her humorous, caring and empathetic style mean she is fun and easy to work with.

Helen founded Women Discuss Work - an organisation hosting regular meet ups for women to come together, talk honestly about work and coach each other to greater success. These events and meet ups now fall within the Relax and Renew portfolio as they so beautifully compliment the work we do.

When not working with clients, Helen is normally found in front of the sewing machine, or designing her next creative project.

Vicky Arundel

Co-Founder & Yoga Therapist

Vicky is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist with a passion for making yoga practical, accessible and relevant to everyone, no matter their experience, age or health circumstances.  


Through a blend of mindful movement, breathwork and relaxation techniques, Vicky strives to create a safe, non-judgemental class environment in which each student is encouraged to listen to their physical, mental and emotional needs. 


In her private yoga therapy work Vicky specialises in creating tailor-made yoga practices to help clients address a wide range of physical and mental health conditions. 


When Vicky is not on the yoga mat, she is busy tending to her two fur babies (cats) and pondering what to bake from her alarmingly large cookbook collection.

You can find out more about Vicky's yoga therapy practice at Surrey Yoga Therapy.

About Us

Our Story

Relax and Renew was co-founded in 2017 by business strategist and coach Helen Puddefoot and yoga therapist Vicky Arundel.


On a sunny summer evening in London, over glasses of wine, Helen and Vicky came to realise that their seemingly unrelated professions of coaching and yoga shared a huge amount in common.


Whether you are working with a business coach, taking yoga classes, or practicing meditation, many of the core skills that you learn to develop in these arenas are the same. Skills such as self-awareness, self-enquiry, resilience, patience and the capacity for deep focus lie at the very heart of this work.


We believe that yoga and coaching are beautifully complimentary. In our events we use yoga and other mindfulness-based practices to prepare our clients for the reflective, introspective and deeply focused work they will do in their coaching sessions.

There are 3 of the major benefits we see to combining yoga and coaching:


1. We have found our clients often come to the greatest insights about themselves when they engage in the active enquiry and reflection required as part of the coaching process and then follow that with the mental and physical space that yoga and meditation can bring. Moments of clarity often occur in a yoga practice once ideas have had time to settle and develop in the quiet of the mind.

2. Coaching, yoga and mindfulness-based practices can give us great insight into ourselves. We learn to see our values, thought processes, typical reactions, habits and behaviours more clearly.  The more in-tune with who we are, the more honest, insightful and useful the process.


3. Yoga and coaching both place emphasis on the importance of creating sustainable, long-term healthy lifestyle habits. We have found that committing to a regular health practice, such as meditation, helps our clients not only to de-stress and re-focus, but also ensures that they are more likely to follow through with the insights gleaned from the coaching process.  

Tuning In
Learn to tune into our bodies, behaviours, reactions, thoughts, and emotions. Developing greater moment-to-moment awareness so that we can be more skilled in our practice of self-care.
Stay curious and playful as you explore viewing things from a different perspective.  Let go of pre-conceived ideas, develop an open-mind and embrace the vulnerable space of 'not knowing'.  
Be ready to sit with unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable feelings in the spirit of honesty and enquiry of your true nature. Build a greater sense of self-worth as you discover the extent of your strength and resilience.
Be kind to yourself.
Try to leave judgement behind and get to know who you are without immediately trying to change it. Recognise that the first step in any process of transformation is having the courage to  accept what already is.
Recognise that taking time out to be still, quiet and in a state of non-doing is critical for our physical, mental and emotional health. Use quiet reflection time to consider and contemplate what you may wish to change and what should stay the same.

The magical combination of coaching and yoga

At Relax and Renew we believe that practices which nurture our minds, and our bodies, are the key to ensuring our long term success both in business and in life. Yoga and coaching offer different but complimentary tools and techniques for exploring and developing some of the following essential personal development skills. 

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Photography by Hannah Puddefoot

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